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The Operators

Despite the relatively small production run, the list of operators is varied and somewhat extensive, especially when you consider the amount of different companies and organisations that leased Heralds from British Air Ferries (BAF) in the late 1970's and early 1980's. 

The operators are listed below in alphabetical order so please scroll down until you find the particular one you are interested in.

Aero Turbo Panama

Aerolinee Itavia


Aerosucre Colombia SA

Aerovias SA

Agip Oil Libya

Arabian Gulf Oil Co (AGOCO)

Air Algerie

Air Anglia

Air Bridge Carriers

Air Ecosse

Air Inter (Leasing)

Air Manila 

Air Mauritanie

Air UK


Arkia Israel Inland Airlines

Autair International Airways

BAC Cargo

Bahamas Airways

Bavaria Fluggesellschaft

British Air Ferries (BAF)

British European Airways (BEA)

British Island Airways (BIA)

British Midland Airways

British United Airways (BUA)

British United Island Airways (BUIA)

Brymon Airways

Channel Express (Air Services) Ltd


Cruz Airways

Dan-Air London

Eastern Provincial Airways (EPA)

Elan Air

Euroair Transport

Europe Aero Service (EAS)

Express Air Freight (EAF)

Express Air Services (EAS)

Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT)

Fleetwood Mac

Globe Air

Guernsey Airlines

Gulf Air

Handley Page (Leasing) Ltd


Itavia Aerolinee

Janes Aviation

Janus Airways

Jersey Airlines

Libyan Arab Airlines

Lineas Aereas La Uracca (La Uracca)

Maritime Central Airways

MMM Aeroservice

Mobil Oil Co

Nile Valley Aviation


Nordic Oil Services

Oasis Oil Co Libya

Occidental of Libya

Queensland Airlines

Royal Arab Air Force (Royal Jordanian Air Force - RJAF)

Royal Jordanian Airlines

Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF)

Sadia de Transportes Aereos

Samaki Peanich Airlines

Sercuricor Air

Skyguard Sercuricor Express

South East Air (SEA)

Styria Airlines



Touraine Air Transport (TAT)

The Who


Trans Azur Aviation (TAA)

TransBrazil S/A Linhas Aereas


Westair International

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