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Aero Turbo Panama

Very little is known about Aero Turbo Panama, but they had plans to lease two Heralds, G-ASVO and G-BAVX, from British Air Ferries (BAF) in 1982. G-ASVO had been repainted in their unusual light yellow colour scheme by 30th November 1982 with G-BAVX receiving its repaint soon after. 


The lease however did not go ahead and both aircraft flew around in Aero Turbo's distinctive yellow colours into late 1983. Both aircraft had been repainted into the 'new' BAF colours by June 1984. 








Displaying Aero Turbo Panama's distinctive yellow colours and unusual tail logo, G-ASVO is seen at Southend in December 1982. (Photo © Richard Vandervord)  

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