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Frog kit.jpg

This is generally accepted to be the first ever model kit of the Herald. Made by Frog in 1/72 scale, it was released in 1962 and depicts Herald G-APWE of Jersey Airlines. It is now highly sought after by model kit collectors.

Frog kit 3 sm.jpg

In 1968 Frog re-released the 1/72 Herald kit giving it the name 'The Troop Dropping Herald' highlighting its military role with the Royal Malaysian Air Force. Popular at the time with other kit manufacturers the kit was contained within a bag below this attractive card artwork and carried the markings to complete it as FM-1024. It's another that is sought after by collectors.

Novo kit.jpg

Following the collapse of Frog, Russian company Novo bought all the injection moulds from Frog and proceeded to slowly re-release kits under their brand Novo Air Kits. Displaying the colours of a British Island Airways (BIA) machine, the Herald was released in 1/72 scale by Novo in 1979.

Russian kit.JPG

At some point in the 1980's, little known Russian kit manufacturer Krugozor (Kpyro3op) released a 1/72 scale Herald in BIA markings. It is assumed the company had purchased the moulds from Novo and it was therefore essentially the same kit.

Maquette kit.JPG

In 1996, Russian kit manufacturer Maquette appeared on the scene offering a 1/72 Herald in the colour of Channel Express.

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