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C/N 190

Mk.214  -  PP-SDJ

Herald C/N 190, a model 214, was the 12th built at Radlett making its first flight on 4th April 1963. Sold to Aerolinee Itavia and placed on the Italian register as PP-SDJ it departed Radlett on delivery one month later on 4th May 1963.


During crew training at Rome-Ciampino Airport on 4th November 1970, it was damaged beyond repair when an engine failed while carrying out a touch and go. The aircraft veered off the runway and ended up on its belly, the 2 crew were uninjured. The aircraft was used for spares and following sale of the Itavia Herald fleet to British Island Airways (BIA), it was fully stripped of useful parts and broken up in 1974. The wings made their way back to the United Kingdom being stored at Southampton Airport.

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