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C/N 160

Mk.202  -  CF-NAL, CF-NAF

Herald C/N 160, a model 202, was the 2nd built at Radlett making its first flight on 2nd March 1962. Originally ordered by Maritime Central Airways (MCA) as CF-NAA, the aircraft was finished in Nordair colours with the registration changing to CF-NAL. The aircraft left Radlett on 13th March 1962 on its delivery flight to Montreal via Prestwick. 


Upon reaching Canada the registration was changed yet again to CF-NAF. It became clear that MCA were still the owners with the aircraft leased out to Nordair.  On 1st October 1962 MCA sold CF-NAF to Eastern Provincial Airways (EPA) with the aircraft being registered to them on this day.

Disaster stuck on 17th March 1965 while the aircraft was climbing out of Halifax Nova Scotia enroute to Sydney Nova Scotia operating as flight PV102. While passing 12,000ft at approximately 09:22, the belly fuselage skin ruptured opening out to strike a propeller. The aircraft then suffered a mid-air break up into three main components, the forward fuselage section which came away just forward of the mainplane, the centre fuselage with mainplane and aft fuselage with empennage. The wreckage came down in woods near Upper Musquaduboit Nova Scotia. The crew of 3 and 5 passengers all perished.


Location and recovery of the wreckage proved difficult due to the terrain and heavy snow. Once found, it was reported that an estimated 98% of the wreckage was recovered and transported to nearby Halifax Stanfield Airport for inspection. The inspection findings found the primary caused of the accident was the failure of the structure below stringer No.32 due to extensive corrosion which resulted in structural failure of the fuselage, in turn causing aerial disintegration. 


A rare colour image of CF-NAF in Nordair colours departing Toronto on 24th July 1962. (Photo © David Kerfoot/flickr)  


The main plane and cabin remains at the crash site (Image source unknown)  

Escape hatch found in 2014 a.jpg

An amazing find - 39 years after the accident, one of the passenger cabin escape hatches was found. (Photo © Norm Sheppard)  


1962 March 2            -   First flight from Radlett Airfield, Hertfordshire

1962 March 13          -   Delivered to Maritime Central Airways (in Nordair colours) as CF-NAL, then changed to CF-NAF

1962 October 1         -   Sold to Eastern Provincial Airways (EPA)

1965 March 17          -   Written off in aerial break up over Upper Musquaduboit Nova Scotia, following structural failure due to corrosion

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